Valencia lost out of form, attacking Eijar 0-1 La Liga battle

26 Jun

Spanish La Liga football battle Thursday night, June 25 at the stadium: Estadio Municipal de Iparua, while Ei Bar field met "Bastard" Valencia. The results showed that the game started for 16 minutes. Ei bar 1-0 from the right corner kicked Pedro León into the middle of the goal, the ball blocked by Chefs Franco Dobbia. Myself go The game progressed to the second half of the 57th minute. The home team had another chance from a prominent ball when the cross ball crossed Roberto Correa up but not pressing over the crossbar. About 3 minutes later, Goote left-back, Ei Bar, volunteered for a free kick. Before lifting over the wall to the corner of the pillars, but Jasper Sillesen rushed to prevent them in time At the end of the game, 84 minutes, the home team's golden chance to get a goal from Edu Exposito threw from left to Serie Ennis butkered to far post, but Yasper Sillesen took a super save. Can get out In the 89th minute, Valencia had 10 people remaining when Elias Kim Mansala went on to make a foul foul and were sacked by the red and yellow.The Bat tried to get it back, but the timing was not final. Valencia ended the game, losing 0-1 against Ei Bar, missed the opportunity to score at 5, while the home team had the strength to escape to the bottom of the season. บอล ออนไลน์ 

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